Photoshoots for Couples in Virginia & Beyond

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Lush Outdoor Engagement Photos in the Rain

Virginia Beach is a beautiful place to take your engagement photos, even on a rainy day! The rain can actually make for some stunning photos. If you’re an adventurous and outdoorsy couple, don’t let a little rain stop you from capturing some amazing memories.

So if you’ve checked your weather app for the millionth time today and you’re definitely expecting rain on your photoshoot day, here are some tips to be prepared and make the most of it!

  1. Embrace the rain and have fun- get wet, dance in puddles, etc.
  2. Get a clear umbrella to use as prop.
  3. Bring a rain jacket for walking to and from the site.
  4. Bring a cozy sweater to wear during photos in case you get chilly.
  5. Have towels and dry clothes waiting in the car for you.
  6. Don’t stress about frizzy or wet hair- it’s part of the story!
  7. Wear waterproof makeup.
  8. Choose shoes that are slip-proof and okay to get dirty.
  9. Find creative ways to take cover like snuggling under a tree or bridge.
  10. Have a romantic indoor location as a backup in case it’s raining too hard.
  11. Last case scenario, you may want to reschedule so have a rain-check date in mind.

Even though it may not have been the weather you were hoping for, there’s nothing more romantic than cuddling up with your fiance in the rain. Your engagement photos will be even more special because they will be unique to you and your relationship.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to make your engagement photos perfect, request details today!


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