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Surprise Dockside Proposal in Chincoteague

A long awaited dream proposal finally came true for Karrington & Sean the day after the New Year began in Chincoteague Island, Virginia

Karrington and Sean met through a mutual friend a little over a year ago. A Coast Guard transplant from New York, Sean was just getting used to life in coastal Virginia Beach when Karr came into his life.

A warm-hearted, outgoing, and beach-loving local, Karr was not necessarily “looking” when she realized that Sean would be in her life for, as she said “…a while.”

Isn’t that how it goes?

Within a few months, the two were head over heels for each other and shortly after, were moving in to their first apartment together.

Big moves for two new lovers but as they say, when you know you know!

Sean’s resilient and tough New York-bred shell slowly melted away as Karr’s sweet southern charm worked it’s magic, revealing a softer and warmer center than he lets on. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with… always seeking excitement in life, new adventures, reasons to celebrate, and huge hearts when it comes to their family and friends.

When Sean showed me the ring on Christmas day, I was blown away. It was absolutely everything Karrington had ever said she wanted and I knew she would be over the moon. All that was left was to pick the big day!

With high suspicions, Karr was eager for the proposal to happen, plotting all the ways she thought he might pop the question. With an upcoming trip planned to New York to visit his family, her hopes were high.

But it didn’t happen there.

Little did she know that Sean, with the help of her own family, was planning the perfect sneaky surprise proposal in Chincoteague, Virginia for the day after they returned from their trip.

If you’re unfamiliar with the island, Chincoteague is located on the eastern shore of Virginia and is most known for it’s world famous wild ponies. It’s a tiny 9 square miles of land, surrounded by marshy oyster-filled waters, with a slow and steady max speed of 25mph on every road. It may be an old-timey, sleepy little town but it’s small community is made up of colorful, quirky, and passionate island lovers. A true must-visit for any Virginia resident looking to get away for the weekend and enjoy nature.

In short, Chincoteague is the perfect place for an intimate surprise proposal if you love water views, sunsets, and quaint downtowns with fresh local seafood. Sean picked a GREAT location.

With the stage for this dream engagement by the water all set, and with no real inkling to what was happening on his future fiancĂ©e’s part, Sean pulled off his intimate proposal on the afternoon of January 2nd.

Under the guise of a birthday scavenger hunt for Sean (who’s birthday was in a few days), Karrington fell for the entire plan without a hitch. Sean played along, reading the clues aloud without ever letting on that he knew what was actually happening.

The final clue in the scavenger hunt led them to a pier overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. As they walked up to it, laid out before Karr were the words,

“Will you marry me?”

Her initial reaction was confusion, followed by shock and disbelief.

In the first few photos you can see the moment when she realizes what’s about to happen. In total awe, Sean leads her onto the pier, kneels down, and asks for her hand in marriage.

And she said YES!!!

A long awaited, childhood fantasy for Karrington. Sean’s surprise proposal in Chincoteague was a success and they were officially engaged.

After some time to soak in the excitement, family rushed around them, congratulating them and sharing in the love.

When evening rolled around, we went back to the pier for some intimate engagement photos. Their cups overflowing with joy, you can seriously see and FEEL the love from their session. To finish off the day, we were blessed with an absolutely stunning sunset over the water.

It was such a privilege to capture this fleeting moment for Karr and Sean. Retelling the story of their engagement so that it’s preserved for generations to come is an honor that I am so thankful to have been given.

And needless to say… I am HYPE for their wedding!! Congratulations again Karrington and Sean. I am so excited to see what life has in store for you as partners.


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