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Surprise Beach Proposal & Luxury Picnic in Chincoteague

Drew emailed me late one night hoping I was available for a short notice surprise beach proposal on Chincoteague Island. I was so excited he wanted to get engaged there since I had done a proposal there not too long ago.

After talking to Drew more during his consultation, we discovered his rough vision of what he wanted the day to be like. It was clear that on top of wanting to document this very special memory (because he knew she wanted photos), he also wanted help making sure it was everything it could be.

My favorite moment while planning with him was during a video call when he said,

“…Maegan deserves the absolute best…”

That’s when I knew we needed to take it to the next level.

Planning a Surprise Beach Proposal

Together, and with the help of a couple questionnaires to learn their likes and dislikes, Drew and I crafted not only a surprise beach proposal in Chincoteague, but a whole surprise DAY.

I insisted to Drew that we consider where they might eat, what type of activities they could do, and most importantly where the proposal would actually happen (down to a pin drop).

We even talked through whether he could stand to wait the whole day to propose at sunset or if he would feel better doing it right away at sunrise! (Spoiler: he chose sunrise)

We also scouted the most intimate, picturesque photoshoot location with a view of sunrise AND sunset over the water (peninsulas are cool!)

…AND planned a whole styled picnic for two right there on the beach… complete with their favorites: chocolate chip muffins and Moet Champagne mimosas.

2021 07 17 laurafphoto Virginia Elopement Photographer Artrip Drew Maegan engagement 006
2021 07 17 laurafphoto Virginia Elopement Photographer Artrip Drew Maegan engagement 010
2021 07 17 laurafphoto Virginia Elopement Photographer Artrip Drew Maegan engagement 012

It meant that Drew and Maegan could not only get engaged (YAY) but also spend the next few hours soaking in every juicy detail. And that was paramount to me.

I wanted “the moment” to be longer than just those few seconds down on his knee.

The truth about proposals?

The actual moment lasts seconds, maybe minutes.

That’s it.

And with as much hype there is leading up to that (brief) moment, it makes it that much more important to really think through all the details.

You may not realize it when you start planning a proposal, but all of these little details really matter in making sure the day flows the way you’re imagining and the way you both DESERVE.

Drew & Maegan are crazy for each other and it shows through their photos and in the way he chose to be so intentional with the whole day!

After Drew proposed (and Maegan said YES!!), we popped some champagne and had a quick portrait session to document the emotions. They enjoyed the rest of the picnic together and then went on a private boat tour of the island to see wild ponies.

Sunset Engagement Photos

Since Drew knew Maegan would want to feel more prepared for photos, he thought ahead and planned for a longer portrait session at sunset and I must say it was a GREAT choice.

After a nice brunch and a long nap, they both came back refreshed and excited to continue the fun.

When I arrived on location we had a beautiful view of sunset over the water. But about halfway through their session a storm cloud took over the horizon.

I was a bit bummed at first but was proved wrong when we got the most amazing lightning show for the last part of their session. While I didn’t manage to get it on photo, we did get video and it was so magical!

I really feel like it was a reflection of the energy that they brought to their session and to their partnership! The chemistry between them is literally ELECTRIC.


Memories that look and feel like you.

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