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Top 9 Important Things to Do After You Get Engaged

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You’re engaged! Now what??

I’ve been there. You’re so excited to be engaged when all of a sudden the panic hits you that now you have a bunch of things to plan!

That’s why I created this list of nine things you actually need to do after you get engaged! 

Before you get too wrapped up in the overwhelm, here’s what you should focus on in the next few weeks…

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Spend intentional time together

Before the outside world starts to creep in and before you even start to wedding plan, it’s important for just you two to be able to soak in the moment together. Call it an “engagement moon!”

Go on a date, get out of town, or just have a romantic dinner together at home!



Have your engagement ring insured

Usually just a quick phone call to your home insurance company and only a few extra dollars per month. It’s also a good idea to take some photos of your ring at different angles for proof if anything happens.



Tell friends and family you’re engaged!

When you’re ready. For some people this is right away, for others, it might be a few days after you two get a chance to absorb what happened! Whatever you choose will be the right decision.



Celebrate with an engagement party!

Whether a small dinner gathering, or a big backyard BBQ, this is a great way to kick off your engagement and answer everyone’s questions all at once.



Refine your wedding vision!

If you don’t already have a Pinterest board, now is the time! You can also use The Knot, get inspiration from Wandering Weddings, or use a good old fashion corkboard! Whichever you choose, the sooner you can narrow down your vision the faster you can book the right vendors.



Start venue or location searching!

It’s a good idea to write down your priorities and goals with your partner. What is important to you about the setting of your wedding day? Do you want it to be local or in a destination? Water view or woods? Remote or urban? 

Sometimes you have to look at a lot of definite “no’s” before you realize what you’re after. That’s okay too! Remember it’s a process of elimination and to be open and honest to your partner about what you’re feeling.



Choose your date!

Usually picking your date has to wait until after you have a location because of availability and seasonality. So don’t get too attached to a specific day right away.

You might love the idea of a summer wedding but your ideal location is flooded with tourists at that time of year. But if the location doesn’t effect it, then lock your date down ASAP!



Book your Photographer!

Photographers book out their year very early so it’s important to start looking as soon as you have your date!

Most elopement photographers offer timeline creation, location scouting, permit research, and other day-of coordination as part of their collections so booking them sooner also jump starts your wedding planning!

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Schedule Engagement Photos!

Don’t skip these! Your photographer will likely include an engagement session in your wedding collection so be sure to take advantage of this!

You’ll be thankful to be able to look back on this fleeting time, and to have some non-wedding day photos of yourselves.


Most of all...

Remember to focus on you two, your love, and what you want for your day. There’s no rush and the more you slow down to enjoy this time together as fiances, the sweeter it will be.


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