Outdoor Adventure Elopement Photographer

An authentic wedding day with photos that reflect your true nature.

Traveling in Virginia & Beyond

Your love story told in a genuine, cinematic way.

I'll be your guide through the entire elopement planning process so you have the stress-free day of your dreams and come away with stunning photos to cherish forever.

On your intimate wedding day, I encourage you to express your individuality and be yourselves. It’s your love story, after all.

Together, we can plan an intimate wedding that is as original as the two of you. So go ahead and let your wild love shine through! These memories will be captured perfectly in your bespoke photo album for you to look back on and cherish for years to come.

2021 07 17 laurafphoto Virginia Elopement Photographer Artrip Drew Maegan engagement 299
Laura Flood, elopement photographer, standing on cliff at Peaks of Otter in Virginia.
Me at the 2nd highest peak in Virginia: Sharp Top Mountain in Peaks of Otter!

Hi, I'm Laura!

Your free-spirited elopement photographer in Virginia.

I’m a Virginia Beach native and the self-identified hippie of the family. I love being in the warm outdoors, road trips, listening to jam bands loud on vinyl, organizing my to-do lists, shopping antiques, all kitties (but especially my own), quiet mornings, and comfy clothes.

Virginia will always have my heart because of the wide variety of scenery, making it perfect for elopement destinations! From beaches, to mountains, to rolling countryside, to urban downtowns… Virginia has a climate and activity for every couple planning their micro-wedding.

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Elopement Photography Packages

So you need to hire an elopement photographer... what now?

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Step 1

Vibe check!

I would love to hear all about your plans for your intimate wedding! Fill out my contact form to schedule a call and we can chat about everything you’re dreaming of. If it’s a vibe, we’ll schedule your Discovery Consultation.

Step 2

Reserve your date!

We meet over video to chat in depth and get to know each other better. Once I have a good sense of what you’re looking for in your wedding photography, we’ll put together a custom collection just for you two. If you’re ready to book, you can reserve your date with a flat retainer.

Step 3

Plan your elopement!

After you reserve your date, you’ll have exclusive access to all my wedding planning resources. I’ll help you with everything from choosing the perfect venue to picking out vendors and making sure all the details are accounted for. So go ahead and enjoy being engaged – I’ve got this covered!

Step 4

Be present & marry your person!

On your special day, I’ll be there to capture all the memories. You can relax and enjoy every moment knowing that I’ll be there to guide you through every natural moment.

Step 5

Take home your art!

After the excitement is all over, I’ll be busy editing your photos to be timeless. When they’re ready, we’ll schedule a Reveal Celebration to relive all the best moments together on the big screen. That night, we’ll customize and order your bespoke photo album and any other art you fall in love with.


What is an elopement?

Elopement vs Wedding

The old meaning...

“to run away secretly to get married usually without parental consent”


The new meaning...

“to have an untraditional, intimate wedding with few or no guests that is focused entirely around the desires of the couple”

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An adventure elopement is simply a private wedding experience that feels the most like you.

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Should you elope?

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You are allowed to chase your dreams, even if no one else can see them. And if that means eloping, then go for it!

Your wedding day should be about what makes you and your partner happy, not just about impressing other people. If you have the chance to do something unique and special, seize it!

Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty or embarrassed for wanting to elope instead of having a traditional wedding. If it is what will make you happiest, then that is the energy you want to bring into your marriage!

Want to plan the wedding adventure of a life time?

What kind of elopement adventure will you have?

A secluded woodland ceremony in a national forest with a cozy AirBnb for getting ready.

An intimate wedding on a remote beach at sunset with a luxury styled picnic.

Private vows atop a mountain with panoramic sunrise views followed by a day of backpacking in nature together.

Virginia wedding photography, grooming dipping bride and kissing on the beach next to the ocean

You deserve to feel genuinely excited about your wedding day!

Wondering where to elope in Virginia?

Explore my interactive map of the top adventure elopement destinations in Virginia!

Go ahead. Lean into the moment.

The sweet details of your love story will be captured for you to relive over and over in your legacy photo album.

Elopement Photography in Virginia & Beyond

You are worthy of the best for your wedding day.

Now interviewing couples for 2023 elopements.

Thank you for considering me as your photographer! I don’t take on every couple that approaches me because it’s important I work with people who align with my vibe!

I would love to get to know you and learn more about your love story. Please fill out the contact form below with us much detail as possible and I will be in touch shortly.